Mission Statement

Our solar system formed in the presence of galactic dust. This allowed the elements that formed the planets to attract, cool and stay together. During the planet Earth's formation, galactic dust cooled and stabilized the atmosphere enough to form life. Using this as a role model, we are an aiding force in the underground music community. We bring creative, unique and emotional music to the forefront of the underground.

Mission Progress

Becoming One With Our Mission

People often ask, "What type of bands and artists does Galactic Dust sign?" Your work ethic and sense of community is more important than your genre. After proving a dedicated relationship to the community that is Galactic Dust we will help you release your material with a Galactic Dust affiliation. We are looking for artists who are willing to work hard for themselves and also to benefit the music community as a whole. It's not about being selfish but caring about the other artists in the Galactic Dust community. They will do the same for you by show swapping, cross-promoting, remixing, collaborating, etc.

Galactic Dust will start small and build you or your band through a grassroots guerrilla style of promotion which includes thousands of flyers, college radio promotion, semi-national distribution chains and other miscellaneous marketing. If you are interested in joining the Galactic Dust community, contact us, then mail us a demo or press kit. . . but you are better off if you reference the mission statement or current Galactic Dust artists.

We are always looking for street team members.