Gold Sticker

Gold Sticker!

Limited to a print run of 327.
We will NEVER reprint these in gold.
The sticker comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
They are individually numbered i.e. 001 of 327.
Lifetime Benefits include:
At least 1 personally negotiated "perk"
Merch at cost.
Exclusive Songs
Exclusive Posters and Artwork
A Custom Sample the Martian Story
Advanced Access to new Material
Guest List access (whenever possible)
Free in Home Performances
Access to Demos and the ability to shape their final versions

Unavailable sticker numbers (already sold)
000, 024, 025, 027, 125 042, 072
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$20 payment plan (5 payments) - 1st payment and you can pick your number!
Invader Skull

Sample the Martian Shirt v3

This is the long awaited Gold Sticker! Its your chance to get lifelong perks of Sample the Martian merch, performances and other AWESOME freebies listed on the Gold Sticker Page

Price $20 (shipping included!)

Gold Sticker
Self-Made Loner

Price $13

Buy Self Made Loner by Sample the Martian on

Self Made Loner by Sample the Martian

This is the long awaited album from Detroit's own indie nerdcore hip-hop hero: Sample the Martian.

01 III.06 Two Clicks
02 III.07 Battle In My Mind
03 III.08 Box at the End
04 III.09 Trak-Tohr Behme (Tractor Beam)
05 III.10 Spare Me Some Change v4.41
06 III.11 Atmospheric Pressure (Landing Gear) v3.24
07 III.12 Shivering Mold
08 III.13 The T-Virus (Electrocution Graveyard Mix) v3.61
09 III.14 Full Bore (All Out Power Maximum) v2.25
10 III.15 Powerful Prints
11 III.16 Life Preserver
12 eMpyre the Hero
13 Galaxian Queen by LoFi Honey
14 21 Shades of Grey by Stay Puff
Untyin' Lost Souls

Price $13
(shipping included)

Untyin' Lost Souls: Hip-Hop Compilation

Untyin' Lost Souls is a modern and diverse blend hip-hop that is changing the face of music. Genres: indie hip-hop, conscious hip-hop, intelligenthip-hop, electro hip-hop, emo hip-hop. 70 minutes of music without a single filler song.

  1. Poetry is Music (Forward)
  2. A Better Place by Dubphonics
  3. Stickerkut by Switch Stance
  4. Voice of a Generation by Abstrakt Intellekt
  5. One Man's Mission (feat. DJ Virus on the cuts) by OneManArmy
  6. Give Me Understanding by S.U.N.
  7. Braces (Demo) by Heiruspecs
  8. The Sky Gods Part 1
  9. Spare Me Some Change v.3.27 by Sample The Martian
  10. The Promoter Song by Spitball
  11. Hermit Company (feat Felix of Heiruspecs) by DJ Bling Masta Plastik
  12. SocioVirus (SW Detroit Mix feat. The Ill Wizzard) by AprAxiA
  13. Wrath of Dingo by Deck Master D
  14. We Are the Music Makers (Interlude)
  15. Take Me For a Ride by JOB
  16. The Sky Gods Part 2
  17. The T-Virus (Electrocution Graveyard Mix) v 3.14 by Sample The Martian
  18. Welcome to the World of a Friendly Handshake by Intricate Dialect
  19. The Sky Gods Part 3
  20. Full Bore All Out Power Maximum v. 1.138 by Sample The Martian
  21. Beyond Oblivion by Darkstarz
  22. Unconventional by Mystery Ink

Price $10
(shipping included)


Arabb is an electronic music producer from Pittsburgh specializing in glitch, IDM, industrial, and trip-hop. His first official release is low fidelity IDM/trip-hop in the likes of Aphex Twin with its own spin on production.

  1. Dusty Columbus (6 In Your Dome Piece)
  2. Ghast
  3. Get With It (Glide to a Halt)
  4. Tools and Tyrants
  5. Chith Wildren
  6. Ghastistist
  7. Spaticco
  8. Havyum
  9. Xelda
Fly Me to the Lunar by Suisse Modular

Price $7
(shipping included)

Fly Me to the Lunar by Suisse Modular

The creative impetus of Suisse Modular is the tandem of Brooklyn's Sandrine Ligabue and Summer Kelly. Through Enya-esque vocals (delivered in both English and French, no less) which drifts across expertly programmed beats, Suisse Modular is able to create a feeling that is both calming and intriguing.

  1. Stay
  2. Before Night
  3. Still Breathing
  4. Noir
  5. Eclipse
Share Warez

Sold out!

Share Warez

"Variety is the main reason Sharewarez is an interesting and compelling listen. If you're frustrated with scouring the Internet to find the latest in obscure electronic music, take heart — you'll find a song to fit your every mood and musical taste on Sharewarez, neatly wrapped up in one tidy bundle." - Splendid E-Zine

  1. Grey by Paris of the West (pôn)
  2. Every Angel Eventually Gets Its Wings by Flashing Red Airplane
  3. Eleven Here by Paris of the West (pôn)
  4. This File by Michelle Lukezic
  5. Still Breathing by Suisse Modular
  6. Disconnecting Da Power by Sample the Martian
  7. Versus Myself by The Grand Devious
  8. Noir by Suisse Modular
  9. Defect by The Grand Devious
  10. Overseer by DJ Glas
  11. Jeavy Hoint (The Anti-Formula Formula) by Sample the Martian
  12. Second Shift by LOI
  13. Hapiness is Not Real by Milton
  14. Tagged by LOI
  15. Mitosis/Meiosis (Animal Logic Outake) by The Lakeside Project
  16. I Scream Man-Witch! by Säh
  17. Hell Town Trio "I hope They Don't Hang You By Your Sweet Neck"