Sample the Martian Lyrics

  • IIIx06 TwoClicks
  • IIIx07 Battle In My Mind
  • IIIx08 Box At The End
  • IIIx09 Trak-Tohr Behme
  • IIIx10 Spare Me Some Change
  • IIIx11 Atmospheric Pressure
  • IIIx12 Shivering Mold
  • IIIx13 The T-Virus
  • IIIx14 Full Bore (All Out Power Maximum)
  • IIIx15 Powerful Prints
  • IIIx16 Life Preserver

  • IIIx06 Two−Clicks
    I'm omnipresent like Sony or Cheese and Macaroni − I don't like Bologna
    But I like it when you show me your tits
    When I get drunk my conscience slips − sorry ma'am I can't read your lips
    I said I'm sorry m'am I can't read your lips
    My vivid mind drips with endless imagination
    We should hook up in my secret space station
    I like my nation - It likes inflation − condensation's cool
    I only drool when I sleep
    Whose council do you keep − on who's to be a Jedi
    You need some Visine − I can see your fuckin' redeye
    Like a bird I wanna fly − I tied my shoe when I was three
    Are you glad that you can see? I'd like to charge a fee
    I'm wishing you were me and that's the way its gonna be

    Can you pick up what I'm puttin down
    I've been down and out I climbed to the sounds
    A deep bass groove is heaven to me
    With words layered on flowin' lyrically
    I absorb random data all night long
    I put the illlest bits into every rippin' song
    The rest gets packed in the graphix bong
    when you know the words please sing along

    To me what is horrible is something unexploreable
    The load gets unbearable - though I'd never stop my brain
    Even though I'm two-clicks from clinically insane
    Please don't test me its o.k. to second guess me
    If you start talkin shit I'm only gonna forget you
    Like a 90 year old lady wearin ill perfume
    Strike a match to kill the linger as my fused words go Boom!
    I like to write about doom and gloom
    I gotta consume to keep the economy a rollin'
    The governments controllin' while your rollin' a jay
    It's gonna be o.k. if you live for today
    Too many people pray - too many people prey
    On the minds of the weak - How did we learn to speak?
    I think I sprung a leak in the pool of the genes
    I enjoy the scenes when girls remove their jeans
    I'm enjoyin' you while you're chillin' with me
    Said "I'm enjoyin' you while you're chillin' with me."

    The jelly of my mind is on fire - like a wire full with spark
    It keeps on flowing like a river motherfucker - like the moon its always dark
    Spinning webs like shade on a narc - if I found god I'd sick her on Marc
    If I were on Jaws I'd be a killer shark - in Indiana Jones I'd be the lost Ark
    If you paint a panther pink I'll be the Aardvark
    And on the butt-naked girlies I'm on the stark parts
    As the music takes over - throw away your sober
    Maybe try to get lucky - but first get to know her
    Like a four-leaf clover hittin' on the green to make the brain slower
    Calm the dogs down and wash the odor from the rover
    Not a rover like a Hummer not a buzzkill like a bummer
    Like a breeze through the trees and the crickets in the summer
    I got no score to settle - just a scratch to the phat beat
    So throw down your seat and find a lady worth freakin'
    Let your body twitch and get your grey matter tweakin'
    Let your body twitch and get your grey matter tweakin'
    'said "Let your body twitch and get your grey matter tweakin'"

    IIIx07 Battle In My Mind
    e captital M pee why are e
    Brain cells dyin' while I'm playin' Atari
    I kick it old school like a T.V. with a dial
    I'm a train wreck flamin' on the tracks of denial
    I'm a loco motive rippin' through your stalled out car
    I'm gonna be who I am - I don't care who you are
    They've said it before but I'ma say it again
    Burn motherfucker burn crank it up past ten
    I push it to eleven like a five-gram bag
    I download my drugs to make your broadband lag

    Nightmares come see me
    Live in fear of the greedy
    No faith in those controlling
    When mushroom clouds start rolling
    I battle in my mind the death of our society
    The news brings me down I hide from my sobriety
    No one really knows if the truth is what they told us
    Real-time strategy clickin' on the soldiers

    Wearing cement shoes in a river with no paddle
    Up against a poisonous snake with a razor sharp rattle
    I can battle shit much worse than this
    But I beat myself down with my father's fist
    Unity's a crystal that's been cracked for years
    Evil rules the good buyin' millions of tears
    Buyin' more years with hell-care for the privileged
    We should go back to huntin' food for our village
    Loyal brothers pillaging their best of friends
    Does goodwill matter? Well son that depends
    It's who you are that shows the story's ends

    What confuses me now is the image your projectin'
    In the state of the nation at our time of re-election
    Media on the trail findin' dirt to sell their feeds
    To entertain the sheep and disregard our needs
    Are you sick of me talking about the world that breaks me?
    My voice fades down as your fearful gods take me
    Why's your religion a weapon if peace is what its for?
    While you give to the rich and steal from the poor
    When I was young they said this world would be ours
    But the knife turns further and deepens our scars

    As I wander − I wonder who am I to wish for more
    Others wield the keys with no luck in findin' doors
    Multi colored wax is the wick to the facts
    Different starting point for the boots for the tracks
    I speak paralysis, disease, famine and mayhem
    Not the luck that they have but the lack of we gave them
    Lack of what we coulda, woulda, shoulda fucking gave them

    IIIx08 Box at the End
    Verse 1
    I was a little boy once and I always kept 'em guessin'
    Had a father who was sharp on always teachin lessons
    Had a bike that was prime and took me on my searches
    What I found was a find that no one can just purchase
    But it felt a little too good − I knew I didn't deserve it
    I disguised it through design to erase my inner purpose

    There's a box at the end of the street − I won't open it
    It's not locked it's begging for me − I can't open it
    A gift − − screamin I'm FREE − I won't bother it
    I should be drawn by its natural curiosity
    I should forget where it is and just let it be
    A box at the end of the street − I'll get over it
    A box at the end of the street − I won't open it − no . . .

    Verse 2
    Behind I was left - never right - always becoming nervous
    Beat the system at its games but still I feel I'm worthless
    I'm lost but not ready to find what waits in-between my courage
    In the home-town of my mind I just wander like a tourist
    Don't get me wrong I'm not down fully and live life to the fullest
    Got more boxes waiting patiently for when they're put in service

    Verse 3
    I would elevate through stasis if it wasn't for these curses
    But the cost is yet to come and gets hidden in these verses
    I know what's inside this box as you probably guessing
    An imaginary concept I insist on still repressing
    Regarding self - that part of me I prefer on its highest shelf
    I should level up my dignity with these secrets to my mental health

    Am I serious? I'm serious. So serious it stings
    but the pain it brings motivates and makes my soul sing
    I'm a fool and I'm a king among demons with sharp wings
    Target my self-enemy rating aiming at number one
    Telekinesis on feeble trigger set to destroy instead of stun
    My wires get with flame and my circuits they be crackling
    Encryption levels kept complex to deter my own soul hacking
    Poison traps in stack mode to protect my sacred blackening
    Like Anikin's love fed his evil dark gloves - and the monster he became
    I refuse to be a slave when my mental frame is off the chain
    But my powers come from feeding
    They come from feeding on the pain
    And I wear that badge just to prove
    Just to prove that I'm insane
    And I wear that badge just to prove
    Just to prove that I'm insane

    IIIx09 Trak Tohr Behme
    Attraction - a tracking device with vice grips
    Ripping at skin with light rips
    Back flipping miss labeled switches (uh huh)
    Hitchin' a ride when the light drive's glitchin'
    Wishin' it was me with the shields and protection
    My direction - not the question of how I will survive
    An air locked arrival deprived of everything but my weakened saliva
    From a ship that hit me with a neutron pile driver
    In the fast lane fishin' for my own set of weapons
    Steppin' - to the rear to amplify with mirrors
    All the deadly rays I'm catchin
    Guessin' at the cure of never learning how to steer

    I can't break free from her energy - I can't get her to leave my mind
    I can't seem to leave this energy - I can't learn to free my mind
    I can't breathe without this energy - I can't see what makes me blind
    I can't survive without this energy - I just need to make it mine

    I'm in a chain reaction - trapped and captive
    Adaptive circuits failing - the end of smooth sailing
    Distress message hailing - powerful clutching that I can't disengage
    Holding rays keep me locked me in cold shuttle bays
    With trays of other specimens stretchin' with the bends
    Some crazy some glazed all grazing on the fields of emotional genocide
    A roller coaster ride brakes fried unstable but incapable of death
    Dementors on the prowl - grappling with gadgets to activate their magic
    With some havoc on the side - clamps hide on thermal tiles
    Blind inverted smiles locked across stolen files ready for the decompile
    Viral perfection to infest nested minds victimize the complete collective hive
    I'm still alive from the aura leechin' creatures severing my breath
    Death becoming life through saturated batter
    Mad hatters sippin' poison tea with crossed eyes
    Feeding on the weak to synthesize, synthesize, synthesize
    Feeding on the weak to synthesize their evil spells

    Rejection - source of heat depletion - while I'm deep cryosleepin'
    Face first into bursting infection
    Deception maximized and twisted from inspection
    Extreme - self magnified with greatness - patience bein' weightless
    Escape a little makeshift from a savior on this slave ship
    A sword smith to weld the rifts to rectify
    My defects and decisions when I trip on my gifts
    My vision drifts down to underground hatches
    Hidden caches controlled by single serving fascists
    With behavior on the rash side
    Relax time breaks like tool and die with a smile
    While filing down my following
    Dead in the water eyed by optics bent on a slaughter
    Assault rifle eyes - laser scanning - mind probing and planning
    Waiting for the capture where I pay to fix the fractures they implant and manufacture
    Where I pay to fix the fractures she implant and manufacture

    A ship in space by its own undoing is stuck and incapable of moving itself. Along comes a bigger stronger ship that locks onto it with its tractor beam and leaving the smaller ship at the discretion of the larger ship. The smaller ship is trapped and only allowed minimum supplies for survival. The metaphor touches on relationships not being able to make your own direction in life and all controlling forces.

    IIIx10 Spare Me Some Change
    Like a new day life has broken - breathed into my mind
    As I digest this rhythm my spirit starts to shine
    It makes me kind - blind - rewinds hate and anger that I stashed
    Lonely feeling that I harbor takes a big torpedo blast!
    I think my past is captured - my past is plastered
    My past has been re-cast - my cast has been re-mastered
    I gotta grasp it fast before it gets released
    I found some peace - but these times are few
    'Cause when my field is lit it fires back your "FUCK YOU!"
    Whatchoo gonna do? I think you thought I grew into a clean energy source
    Just let me run my course
    Discharge my remorse like the good side of the force

    Falling into − Life's hopeless tragedies
    Drowning without you under dark covered skies
    Can't help dig the trenches - under your fences
    Has it been? So Long? Will I learn how to smile?

    People stealin' to get to what they think is theirs
    No one cares - that's why I get these hateful stares
    Machines drain your balance at the local 7-11
    All these greedy people make me yearn for a heaven
    Money gods - giving pods of liberation
    Selling off my time to earn a weak vacation
    I thank the music spirits for bringin' portals to my pain
    While corporate mongrels peddle pain for they gain
    Without the other side would we conspire for a being?
    Either way we're breeding ignorance and eating evil's seeding
    I pray for karma 'cause hell might need some feeding

    Treepy clouds a rollin' I integrate my mind
    With the beauty of the planet that we're strippin' to the rind
    I travel planes - planets like sound waves of thunder
    I observe - and I wonder - "Does unity exist?"
    I asked the Martian once - his answer made me pissed
    I felt dissed - he put away my fist
    I guess I'll realize there's little one can do
    To save - some 'people change' - And join the penny people's crew
    I must have said enough - 'cause it feels like I'm through

    IIIx11 Atmospheric Pressure
    The Flashing lights are everything that distracts us from the truth like being hypnotized to not see the landing gear on an alien invasion ship. The Landing Gear is the government, the media and religious beliefs trying to invade our heads. We all have different ideas that "ground us" and provide comfort. My ideas may differ but that doesn't mean I'm right. There are cloaked alien ideas behind the lights and behind the landing gear that can be seen if you have an open mind. I struggle with people not being able to see the validity of differing belief systems. We all hope that there are others out there like "us" and that we aren't alone emotionally, socially, or in our fight for what we think is right.

    Fast flashing lights incandescent total brightness
    Reality is priceless and useless to the sightless
    Ignorance is bliss that's why I'm happy when I'm pissed
    And hiss loud at the masses while I've got the free passes
    To trash and out class harass and outlast
    The cheap imitations that crowd the fast path
    Poison gassing the crass wrath who's trying to laugh last
    Flicking ash inside of hope while he's tokin' stolen smokes
    While I cross the acid moat before a knife swipes my throat
    From the hands of a fake who bails gropin' at my coat tails
    Shutting down the blinking I still can't learn to sleep
    I end up broke and overloaded so it soaks in deep when

    I can see I'm not the only one who's right
    I specialize in passion blasting lights that hide the landing gear
    I can see I'm not the only one who's right
    I recognize the pattern flashing lights that hide the landing gear

    Communist broadband ROM flash - kicking off
    The backlash bombing through the broadcast - weeping for
    The war dance mating with a slither on the wrong grass
    Hit the bottom of your own stash wishing
    That the crop circle intuition is tachyon gunning at the radar
    DJs hand upon the fader putting scratches on the evil tint
    A glinted blind spot redder than the targets in our heads
    Numb from over stimulation under blankets without threads
    Hiding plain sight shadows 'tween the living and the dead
    Truth of invasion staying silent so no one mans the station
    Planet Earth overtaken by militant corporations

    A strobe - a blink and a hot blinding detonation
    Commence the infiltration and start the world's termination
    I won't be deterred from my sheer concentration
    The time effects are fading - my memory in waiting
    Every single human slated for replacement
    I fight them off while she fortify the basement
    With haste he went thataway and that's the way the chase went
    Traitor on the prowl scrapin' cement to get his face bent
    It ended hella quick - from a train wreck slip
    Dripping brain sweat mist from the chosen one's microchips
    Timid kids flipping lids with bids on shoddy crisis
    Sipping on the vices sold to victimize the lifeless
    Grinding to a halt these fights between the righteous
    Resolve the struggle to define our shallow sacrifices

    IIIx12 Shivering Mold
    This is for the people that deserve to feel
    For the people for the people that deserve to feel
    This is for the people that deserve to feel my heat, heat, heat, heat, heat

    The overall vibe was violent
    To dissolve the tyrant who clutched tightly the Poseidon trident that
    Disrupted the climate from warm to freezing to climbing on the ceiling where
    Fits of sneezing sent to dislodge again this fatal allergen
    To the people that deserve to feel - to the people that deserve to feel
    To the people - to the people that deserve to feel
    To the people that deserve to feel my heat beyond the nerve
          that makes them shiver

    Deliver this wreckage to be melted down to a tasteless ore
    Stored as vision - blind with fear of any android
    With a squeaky gear or leaky hearing to this code your blocking
          instead of breaking or
    Taking notes to repair theerrors and replace keystrokes that
         mutate to bugs
    That infest my brain but controlled by drugs
    Cut with traces of disruptive radiation to release
    Yet another display that you're tasting
    A healthy dosage of my mental medication
         as I recite out loud my verbal meditations

    This is for the people that deserve to feel
    For the people - For the people that deserve to feel
    This is for the people that deserve to feel my heat
    Beyond the nerve that makes them shiver

    IIIx13 The T-Virus
    In time I'm hopin' this rhyme is dopin' you
    Like silicon twistin' with energy distant
    A crippling tool - crumbles this stumbling race
    Watch this whack mutation trace the roots of what you'd like to call communication
    It's a black plague facing a biological foundation
    Words are my weapons if you're steppin' in my ring
    I know it stings I'm your four alarm fire
    Your wire is severed - this line should be connected
    Draining on my power - when your shit goes unconnected
    I know your infected
    I keep my lungs protected
    Ideas projected, reflected, I'm rejected
    My respect is wrecked - and I'm charged with malice
    When I check your palace your temple is stale
    Rusted chain mail keeps your spores inside
    You should confide for healing, breathing your feelings,
    expanding the ceiling, on what we could be
    Now what I see is a brain hungry zombie sleeping next to me

    I see a bite mark - - a SCAB!!
    A flesh wound - - Damn!!
    Another friend - - Lost!!
    The living dead walk
    Why can't you see that the living dead walk?

    My spirit is queasy it's not so easy
    To connect to a server with power and stability
    Fuck humility - I can feel my ability
    I slip when I'm alone - tripping on the phone
    Nobody's home (man). . . a signal I roam for
    I modify my clone while you poison the host
    I gather my ghost to explore the mansion
    Control the expansion on my umbrella of hate
    I live for the day when total strangers relate
    I contemplate with illusions of grandeur
    Feel my motor purr 'cause my motor is pure
    Subdue this skeleton - destroy this nemesis
    Undo this guardian who's the goddess of genesis
    Got maps and treasures - tools and weapons
    Magic feathers and tomes of pleasures
    Got keys and codes to erode your clothes
    Where do you suppose I find the lock for you to speak?
    Can you tweak your tongue and let me see who you are?
    Before I break that rusty lock buried underneath your scars

    I spy with my mind's eye − a disease that you deny
    I fly high Untyin' Lost Souls before they die
    Like ice attacks cracks I attack with facts - on logical gaps
    Relax the tax and wax the scratch that decorates your pride
    Hidden deep inside no thoughts collide your thoughts have died
    before they found your mouth
    Like the South pole frozen - opinions posin' intentionally
    chosen to ignore this son (sun)
    Somehow fooled that you can talk and listen
    Have I mentioned my condition?
    I don't hear your dissin' words if I fear your missin gears
    With no mission to escape your tapes hissin' my playback - eat my feedback!
    You dance with lies and its no surprise
    You never open your eyes when your swallowing flies
    I'll keep my compromise while you vacate my premises
    I hate you for not feelin' the loss of our benefits

    IIIx14 Full Bore(All Out Power Maximum)
    Its story time again in the land of the working class. . .and the nightmare of the succubus.

    Shining blades spinning - set to slice - set to steal every fiber that I've sewn
    All I've grown - going to the man from another that enslaves me
    It all makes sense but it drives us all crazy
    Lazy takers shake me down - take me now to outer space
    Or that happy place where I'm content when I'm poor
    On the shores of a wasteland with faceless runaways
    Tucked away and driven by survival
    Revitalize us all with a safety we can feel
    Reveal dirty bodies with clean souls
    Under the creak in the stares they destroy the unique
    The only goal control is what we seek
    Control motherfucker − how bout some control!

    All I am, all I own face down in the mining fields
    All I am, all I own face down

    It replicates like medication for the sick but I'm tricked into thinking
    I can trickle home again with no meaning - repetition
    Repetition makes me weak
    Wishing I were strong again - or walking with the dead
    This heavy head controls my gaze
    The blaze in my eyes devours as it scours her
    The powers blur - I need a place to plant my seed
    A soul I can feed on - a shoulder I can bleed on
    Not another memory - not emptiness I seek
    My mind levels peak when I rip down these pathways
    Sip on these ideas while my engine light shining
    Signing away - your welcome to stay here
    But its time for me to leave

    I got fireflies flaming the sacred heaven of papyrus
    The file-sys haven where I like to stash my lyrics
    Check the steam scoring the surface
    Where purpose drives the vapor
    The moment we wait for when
    My thought storms igniting - pistons red hot to flexing
    Like rice burners warping to their death from nitrous
    I'm in early life crisis from hardcore sacrificing
    Razorblade slicing when I'm hanging from a thread
    I got no bread - this lacking harvest fuels my anger
    Not quite danger of dying from starvation
    I got patience but shit man
    Throw me an illusion that even looks like rations
    And I'll form and fashion gourmet feast from scraps
    Like gold from lead traps or cancer curing labs
    Making freedom from sick minds confined with shackles
    Like binders on traction from distractions with captions that tell us what to do
    Now I gravitate at silence to inspire your decisions
    While I nod to the beat and just thank you for the listen

    IIIx15 Powerful Prints
    One word at a time I analyze the bindings
    Arranged and caged these pulp brains are raging
    The plain pages made strange with staged blades that stain
    On a purpose to sink into wrinkles that drink
    And plunge to the center of your sponge
    Not lunged but punched and strung together - encased in leather
    These chains of letters may sever when clever enough to change forever
    The firing order of a mood that broods to unsettle
    While it melts and meddles with alloyed fears
    Can it clear these weird smears on senses
    With a subtle impression of ill traveling gravity?
    To bait and switch this cracked whack reality

    I wrote this in a library.

    IIIx16 Life Preserver
    I don't like bein' angry - I don't like bein' angry
    I don't like bein' angry - like the man that helped make me
    I don't like all this violence - that stems from your silence
    My temper keeps growing - leaving me callused and colder
    Falling harder and lower - turn on the blame-thrower and crank up the gas
    You're stealin' my class - so fuckin' beat my ass with fists dipped in glass
    I'll look right past it cause I'm painfully numb
    I'm numb to the pain man I'm painfully numb

    If you could pull the plug − I know I could pull the trigger
    I think a bullet runnin' through me'd be the least amount of pain
    If you could pull the plug − I know I could pull the trigger
    Slam a bottle of Beam passin' out beneath a train
    If you could pull the plug − I know I could pull the trigger
    Leave a message to decipher in the puddles of my brain

    Emotionally broken - chokin' it back
    To blend in with my family my friends and my peers
    I take all your jeers and act like its funny
    While I run from these voices whose choices aren't sunny
    Not cooked right and runny - they tell me to end it and drive off a cliff
    I'm sick of this shit - do you know how it feels lyin' cryin' in bed?
    When you listen to me - do you think it could be - that I'm fucked in the head?
    I've got delusions of talent - dreams of balance
    Contusions on self worth and social valence

    If I touch someone's feelings or reach someone's life
    This knife and these daggers might disappear
    And make me weary - see life clearly to find my way back from this insomniac
    These skills that I lack - rack me up and cue up a break
    Before I freeze in the lake - take my possessions
    I struggle sometimes but fuck shrink head sessions
    Feel my lessons and keep me alive
    While I strive for perfection a fatal injection flows through my ego
    As I chance past go - the DSM will never know the rails I'm reading
    [or] what cuts this depression with a moment of clarity
    This session is over. . . and this is my therapy